If it's good for your car, it's good for your home!

Often we are asked,

"What can window film do for my home?"

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At Tint & Tunes, we use TOP quality films, which can:

  1. Increase Energy Efficiency Window film will keep the sun's rays out, lowering your electricity bill (up to 82% reduction in Total Solar Energy)
  2. Protect Your Valuables from Fading: Window film blocks more than 99% of the Ultraviolet wavelengths (UV), which is the leading cause of fading furniture, hardwood, etc. While window film cannot completely stop fading, it will significantly reduce fading caused by the sun's damaging solar rays. 
  3. Increase Comfort: By reducing the heat transfer from your windows, window film minimizes hot spots in your home or office, decreasing the temperature variation from room to room. 
  4. Reduce Glare: Window film will reduce glare, making work or home environment more pleasant.
  5. Improve Appearance: You can improve the appearance of your home or building by tinting the windows. Window films can aesthetically compliment the exterior of your home or office building.
  6. Added Security: Window film offers an array of options addressing many safety and security issues. From protecting against flying broken glass to offering security against window break-ins, safety and security film provides peace of mind. This option comes in solar protection or clear transparent window film. 

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