If it's good for your car, it's good for your home!

Often we are asked,

"What can window film do for my home?"

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At Tint & Tunes, we use TOP quality films, which can:

  1. Increase Energy Efficiency Window film will keep the sun's rays out, lowering your electricity bill (up to 82% reduction in Total Solar Energy)
  2. Protect Your Valuables from Fading: Window film blocks more than 99% of the Ultraviolet wavelengths (UV), which is the leading cause of fading furniture, hardwood, etc. While window film cannot completely stop fading, it will significantly reduce fading caused by the sun's damaging solar rays. 
  3. Increase Comfort: By reducing the heat transfer from your windows, window film minimizes hot spots in your home or office, decreasing the temperature variation from room to room. 
  4. Reduce Glare: Window film will reduce glare, making work or home environment more pleasant.
  5. Improve Appearance: You can improve the appearance of your home or building by tinting the windows. Window films can aesthetically compliment the exterior of your home or office building.
  6. Added Security: Window film offers an array of options addressing many safety and security issues. From protecting against flying broken glass to offering security against window break-ins, safety and security film provides peace of mind. This option comes in solar protection or clear transparent window film. 

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You're in a hurry! BUT...



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When you're in a hurry to get out of our vehicle, which most of us are, sometimes we quickly fling our seat belt off. Before it retracts all the way back, it can hit your window. The impact of the metal buckle hitting the glass can cause the window film to chip of scratch. Be cautious when your removing your buckles to avoid these types of accidents.


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You can also tap the glass with your wedding rings when reaching up to grab your seat belt. Practice reaching with your far hand (driver's -far right, passengers -far left) to avoid chipping your window film this way.


Benefits of Window Tinting

At Boca Tint & Tunes, we always use top of the line window film. Whether you are looking to tint your office, home, or automobile -we've got you covered. 


In South Florida, automotive window tint is a must not only to beat the heat but also the harmful UV rays that you can't see or feel. We will help you select from our Standard, Mid-Grade, and Premium IRP Series ASWF window film. All of our automotive films come with a 1-Year to Lifetime warranty!

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Residential & Commercial Tinting

Whether you are looking to tint your store front, office, home, boat, RV, or any other investments, Tint & Tunes is ready to serve you. Our top quality window film installation services will provide the privacy and protection you need for your skin, furniture, floor, carpet, and other personal property for years to come. 

Add privacy frost to your office space.

Add privacy frost to your office space.

Add privacy frost film to your frameless showers. 

Add privacy frost film to your frameless showers. 

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10 Reasons to Tint Your Business...today!

It may come as a surprise, but adding window film to your business/office space can have financial, emotional, and environmental impacts on the livelihood of your business, employees, and customers. Commercial window film is a MUST because:

  1. It deflects and protects

  2. Ensures employee and customer satisfaction

  3. Increases safety

  4. It's better for your health

  5. Makes your business less vulnerable to impact 

  6. You'll get utility and tax rebates

  7. It will lower your cooling costs

  8. Extend the life of your HVAC equipment

  9. It often comes with a warranty plan

...and reason number 10...


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10 Reasons to Tint Your Home Windows...TODAY!

Adding tinted window film to your home is one of the most simple and effective ways to make your home more comfortable, efficient, and secure. The top 9 reasons to get window film installed in your home today are:

  1.  Privacy

  2. Security

  3. Glare Reduction

  4. UV Ray Protection

  5. Decorative Appeal

  6. Sun Damage Protection

  7. Prevent Overheating

  8. Reduce Energy Consumption

  9. Lower Your Energy Bill

and number 10...

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6 Reasons to Tint Your Vehicle...today!

The top 6 reasons most people choose to tint their car windows are

  1. Heat Reduction

  2. Skin Protection

  3. Accident Protection

  4. Glare Reduction

  5. Privacy Enhancement

  6. Upholstery Protection

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